2123 Resilient seated gate valve for PE pipes

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Body bonnet and wedge made of ductile cast iron EN-GJS 400-15, buffer zone and flexible tube positioning, PE tube clamping ring protection against slipping. Full bore gate valve , NBR/EPDM fully vulcanised wedge. O-ring spindle sealing packing cork protected against contact with medium. Epoxy coating minimum 250 microns according to EN ISO 12944-5, body bonnet Zinc coated screws protected by wax. Max. axis deviation ±4*. Product marking according to EN 19; EN 1074.

Execution variant:

  • Ductile cast iron EN-GJS 500-7.
  • SS body and bonnet screws.
  • With ISO top flange for actuator.
  • With electric or pneumatic actuator.
  • With inductive or electromechanical sensor.
  • With opening indicator.
  • Other material variants on request!


Water networks and tanks. Transport of non agressive liquids implemented with PE and PVC pipes with working pressure up to 1.6 MPa Working conditions: temp. up +40˚C. Resilient seated gate valve could be use underground.


Recomended installation in vertical or horizon position.