Jafar Inc, located in south-eastern Poland, is a leader in the production and sales of iron fittings for potable water, effluent water and gas. These are available primarily on the Polish market, although the company is also becoming an increasingly important supplier to many foreign markets.
Products by Jafar are intended for end-users in the municipal, construction and industrial sectors. Jafar offers products characterised by both standard and enhanced operating parameters.
The products are produced in our own foundry, one of the most modern in Europe, as well as our machining facilities and our own paint shop.
An enterprise under the name Terenowe Zakłady Metalowe was established in 1953, based on
a small metal production plant that had existed since the end of the 19th century. This was the foundation for the modern-day Fabryka Armatur Jafar S.A., which over the years has changed both its organisational structure and its product technologies. The company has come a long way from the pre-war metal workshop, through state-owned mass production plant, to the modern enterprise of today, based on employee share ownership, coupled with the courage, knowledge, shared passion and ambition of the owners and employees.
From the outset, the headquarters of the enterprise have been located in south-eastern Poland, near the town of Jasło. Currently, most of the production takes place in two plants located in Skołyszyn and Przysieki. At the moment, Jafar is one of few companies in this industry to design and, most of all, manufacture its main products in its own foundries and production plants located in Poland. Jafar today has one of the most modern medium-sized iron foundries in Europe, as well as being an undisputed leader in the production and sales of iron fittings for clean water, foul water and gas in Poland.

The high quality of our products and the continuous introduction of new production and manufacturing solutions have allowed the company to position itself as the leader among domestic manufacturers. Thanks to the prudent use of our technological resources and the knowledge gained over the years that Jafar has been operating is also acknowledged by many foreign end-users. Currently, about 40% of our products are exported to over 30 countries worldwide. The most important export markets are: Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Egypt and Romania. According to the feedback provided by our customers, some of these products are re-exported to countries in the Persian Gulf and Central Asia.
As far as export markets are concerned, Jafar operates both via a network of distributors and through its subsidiaries in Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany and Hungary. One of the assumptions in the company's development policy is its further expansion in Europe and in the MENA region.
Jafar has been modernising its facilities for over a decade, continuing to invest in state-of-the-art equipment for iron machining iron, water cutting and welding. The cutting-edge painting lines allow the application of excellent quality coatings, as confirmed by the relevant certificates. However, the most significant investment in recent years has been for our modern iron foundry and extension of mechanical works production facilities. Our foundry is automated, ecologically clean and cost-effective, as well as resulting in the production of high quality castings, while new production halls with numerical machine tools centers allow keeping highest standards of machining. Many of the company's products are available in various non-standard materials execution variants, relevant for specific markets, customers and application (what may not be presented in standard catalog cards).
Our modern logistics warehouse and new offices complement most recent investments
The majority of our products are subject to the full production cycle, allowing us to ensure good quality right from the design and implementation (design and construction studio and model shop), through production (grey and ductile iron foundry, forge, mechanical department and powder coating shop), inspection (control laboratory), to the delivery of the products, as well as to their servicing in the future.
Jafar's operations have been certified as follows:
ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2004 , CE certificates, acceptance certificates for hydrants from CNBOP, hygiene approvals from PZH, 3.1 quality and research certificates, as well as GSK, MARK NF, ACS, GOST and WRAS certificates.
Jafar also has other certificates and approvals as required by the respective European states.
Jafar sets great store by environmental protection and occupational safety.
The identification of specific hazards, implementation of preventive measures, training, education and common use of protective measures considerably increase the level of safety. Investments are verified as regards their beneficial impact on the environment, especially in terms of reducing or eliminating pollution generated during the production processes as well as in minimising natural gas and electricity consumption. The following system solutions function in the company:
Separate collection and proper management (recycling, processing, and treatment).
Our air purification plants are equipped with modern filtration systems to ensure effective emission reductions.
The company has been minimising its consumption of electric power. Thanks to the use of a number of technologies the consumption of electricity is limited to the necessary minimum, giving
a reduction of more than 10% over the previous systems with respect to the amount and weight of manufactured products.
By using state-of-the-art ventilation and air dedusting systems with soundproof installations, we minimise noise pollution inside and outside, ensuring a minimal nuisance factor around our facilities.
Fabryka Armatur JAFAR S.A. is one of the largest enterprises in the region. Our relations with our subcontractors and the local residents, who are often also our employees, and the common sense responsibility for the quality of life have led us to support different initiatives, such as financing social actions, local sports clubs and orphanages. Equally interesting are our initiatives aimed at promoting culture – in 2015 alone Jafar funded the release of two albums by bands from the region.
Another good example is Jafar's involvement in the pro-social activity at Jasielskie Stowarzyszenie Przedsiębiorców, whose aim is to stimulate local economic initiatives and assist local entrepreneurs.
Jafar is a company with a strong sense of attachment to its region and its social responsibility.