1800 Water-meter well "KAJMA"

Products for Water

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Body made from PCV be installed in regions of high ground water levels without risking the influence of upward forces while readings are possible without the necessity to remove water. Maintains temperature above zero near the water meter – it is provided with thermal insulation. May be installed in regions of high ground water levels – the water meter is placed 30 cm below the cover (ground level). The water-meter set has standard connectors for water-meter DN20 and PE32 DN32 connectors. All elements resistant to corrosion.

Execution variant:

  • Connectors for the water meter DN15 DN25 and PE connection DN40
  • Another depth of the trench
  • Another configuration of the console: Water meter connectors: Shut-off valves·
  • Anti-pollution valve Automatic air valve PE connectors
  • Cover made of cast iron


It is possible to obtain the readings outside the premises while both the system and the water meter are protected against freezing.



Recommended installation in lawns. If it is necessary to install in passageways, the well should be installed under a DN600 manhole of adequate strength.