1850 "KAJMA II" water meter well frost resistant

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With KAJMA II frost-resistant water meter well water meter readings can be taken outside the domestic premises. In addition the water system and the metering device is protected against freezing. With the water meter located 30 cm below the ground level positive temperatures are maintained in the winter period thanks to the application of a thermally insulated double side casing and a cover and the geothermal properties of soil. The device is equipped with an open bottom and therefore may be installed in areas where the ground water levels are high with no negative influence of uplift pressure forces and the meter readings can be taken.


It is possible to obtain the readings outside the premises while both the system and the water meter are protected against freezing. Be installed in regions of high ground water levels without risking the influence of upward forces, while readings are possible without the necessity to remove water necessity to remove water.



Recommended installation in lawns. If it is necessary to install in passageways the well should be installed under a DN600 manhole of adequate strength.