2110, 2910 Metal seated gate valve flanged

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Body and wedge face seal rings made of brass, wedge nut made of forged brass - replaceable. Low friction double spindle bearing acting both horizontal and vertical way. O-ring spindle sealing, packing cork protected against medium. Packing cork protected against dirt penetration. Product marking according to EN 19; EN 1171

Execution variant:

  • With SS body bonnet screws.
  • For actuator.
  • With electric or pneumatic actuators - see: 2910.
  • With inductive or electromechanical sensors.
  • With opening indicator.


Industrial water, water and air networks and tanks; heating installations and other inert liquids. Working conditions: temp. up +120˚C, pressure up to 1,6 MPa.


Recomended installation in vertical or horizon position.